To bring the people and business community of Pakistan and Malaysia close to each other.


To promote and strengthen relations between Pakistan and Malaysia in the spheres of trade, industry, tourism, culture, education and health.

It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction for me to state that PMFA, in a very short span of time, has been able to establish itself as a useful platform, dedicated to the promotion of bilateral relationship and friendship between the two brotherly countries of Pakistan and Malaysia. This relationship is not restricted to any one area or field, but it encompasses every aspect of bilateral cooperation i.e. trade, commerce, industry, tourism, culture, education, health, etc. The Association wishes to play its role in fostering cooperation between the two sides in all these areas, certainly with the help and support of the people and business community of Pakistan and Malaysia. I take this opportunity to encourage them to become members of the Association and take part in achieving this common goal.


PMFA has been established to provide a platform for the people and business community of both Pakistan and Malaysia to come together and work for mutual benefit. The Association was formed in December, 2005 at Karachi, Pakistan. The association was formed to strengthen bilateral relationship between the two countries in the field of trade, commerce, industry, tourism, culture, education, health etc. It is a not- for- profit organization having membership from both Pakistan and Malaysia. Mr. Shahid Jawed Qureshi is the Founder and current President of PMFA. Besides facilitating Malaysian investors to invest in profitable sectors in Pakistan, PMFA encourages people-to-people contact and cultural relationship between the two countries.
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